High Limit Online Roulette

High Limit RouletteAs one of the most popular Games in history, it's no surprise to find a number of Casinos offering high limit Roulette and no limit Roulette tables to their players.

It has been a little tricky to round up the information on the top Casinos for high stakes Roulette, as each have slight variations on the betting limits in place. Only a handful of Casinos offer no limit Roulette.

Nonetheless, the table below (along with the recommendations) should provide you with enough information to find the best Casinos for high limit online Roulette.

High Limit Roulette Casinos

Casino Outside Inside Table Limit Rating Play
InterCasino $10,000 $1,000 No Limit 78% Visit
Pinnacle $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 95% Visit
Sky Vegas £5,000 £500 No Limit 90% Visit
VC Casino £5,000 £250 £65,000 96% Visit
Casino Club €5,000 €250 No Limit 87% Visit
Unibet €5,000 €250 €75,000 81% Visit
Betsafe €2,000 €100 No Limit 78% Visit
Ladbrokes £1,000 £125 No Limit 85% Visit
Bodog $500 $100 $1,000 80% Visit
Paddy Power £400 £20 No Limit 81% Visit
Rushmore $250 $250 $500 80% Visit

Outside: This is the maximum per individual bet on the outside bets. For example, the maximum could be placed on red, and a further maximum could be placed on even and so on.

Inside: Same idea as above. This is the maximum bet per individual bet on a straight number bet.

Table Limit: If there is a maximum amount of chips that can be wagered (aside from betting on every area possible) on any one spin, it will be noted here. Most tables offer no limit Roulette betting. £/$/€0 indicates no table limit.

* (Pinnacle) The $5,000 is the cap for the entire table. You can bet as much as you like anywhere, as long as the total table bet is no more than $5,000.

Top High Limit Roulette Casino

VC CasinoVC Casino offers some very high stakes with £5,000 max per bet on outside bets. The fact that there is no table cap means that you can wager a large amount of money on each and every spin. This sets it as the top Casino for high limit Roulette.

Casino ClubVC is closely followed by Casino Club, which actually has a higher maximum for individual inside bets. Furthermore, there is no cap on this table, so you can bet as much as you like.

US Friendly High Limit Roulette Casinos

Bodog CasinoFor US friendly high limit Roulette, Bodog is comfortably the best option. Unfortunately the limits are not too high at all, but this is the best you can do for high limit Roulette at US friendly casinos.

Millionaire CasinoIf you enjoy placing a number of inside bets as opposed to outside bets, Millionaire should be your preferred Roulette Casino. There is a handy no table limit for those inside bets, even though the outside bets are capped at $300.

No Limit Roulette Tips

First and foremost, avoid playing American Roulette. The presence of the extra "00" means that the house will have a much bigger edge when you decide to play this game over European or French Roulette. So always go for the table without the "00" number.

Roulette has the biggest house edge out of the top 4 high limit casino games, so the order from lowest to highest house edge is: Blackjack > Baccarat > Craps > Roulette. The last thing you want to give the house more of an edge than it already has.

Check out my page on the Roulette house edge for more detailed information.

Secondly, don't buy into any Roulette betting systems. There is no harm in using them, but just remember that they are never going to be able to consistently win you money. Honestly, if they really worked then I would be out there milking the Roulette tables for all they're worth.

No matter how convincing they may sound, they never work.

High Stakes Roulette Information

No limit Roulette is one of the most entertaining Casino games to play. The exciting table action and potential big payouts helps to make online Roulette a favorite at any Casino, especially amongst the high limit players.

Always try your best to keep on top of the amount that is being wagered on each spin of the wheel. Roulette is one of the quickest ways to win and lose money at an online Casino, so it is especially important to have a clear idea of what's going on when you're playing at high stakes tables.