Casino VIP Loyalty Programs

VIP Loyalty ClubsIf you play at the same Casino on a regular basis, you will be rewarded via the loyalty program running at the individual Casino.

Loyalty programs are there to make your time spent playing at the Casino more comfortable, whilst also giving you an added incentive to stay with them as opposed to playing elsewhere.

US high stakes casino players choose Bodog.

What Do You Get From Casino Loyalty Programs?

The loyalty program rewards at one Casino will vary from the rewards available at another. However, the most common rewards are:

Some high stakes Casinos will offer extra or different bonuses, but these ones are the most common (and the most useful).

How Do You Get Into The Loyalty Program?

Just play at the Casino.

You do not have to fill in any forms or anything like that. Just place bets and wagers as you normally would, and eventually your account will be eligible for these extra rewards and bonuses.

There will usually be a threshold for what constitutes as a "loyal player", but as a high stakes gambler you can expect to become part of a VIP club or program pretty easily. Have a look at the Casino websites or email them for more information.

Any Good VIP Clubs Or Programs?

All Casinos are going to bend over backwards for high limit players, so it would be hard to say that one Casino is far better than another, as they're all very good.

From my experience, Bodog has always been very good to regular players, which makes it very much worth your while to stick with Bodog when you start playing with them.

If you are from the UK, I would recommend Ladbrokes if you are after a good VIP program specifically, as they offer great offline promotions as well as online ones.

All in all though, as a high limit player you can expect to be treated very well wherever you decide to play.

Bodog has higher limits than any other US casino.