High Limit Online Craps

High Limit CrapsCraps is an iconic game, and so it is no surprise that you can find high limit Craps tables at both online and B&M Casinos.

The fact that you can place multiple bets on the table at the same time (in the same way as you can in high limit Roulette games) means that a large amount of money can be wagered and won at the Craps table in one game.

Information of the top high limit online Craps casinos can be found in the table on this page. The key information on the maximum bet and table cap (if present) has been included to help you find the highest limit casinos available.

High Limit Craps Casinos

Casino Max Bet Table Max Rating Play
Pinnacle $2,000 No Limit 95% Visit
Sky Vegas £1,000 No Limit 90% Visit
Casino Club €1,000 No Limit 87% Visit
VC Casino £500 £500 96% Visit
InterCasino $500 No Limit 78% Visit
Paddy Power £250 £300 81% Visit
Bodog $100 $1,000 80% Visit
Rushmore $100 $1,000 80% Visit
Ladbrokes £100 No Limit 85% Visit
Unibet €100 No Limit 81% Visit

Max. Bet: This is the maximum amount that can be bet on one area of the Craps table at a time. For example, you could bet this maximum on a pass line bet and no more, but then you would also be able to bet this maximum on another bet such as a place bet.

Table Limit: This is the maximum bet per roll at the Craps table. The majority of Casinos allow you to place as many bets as you wish, however some have a cap on the amount that you can bet per roll of the dice. £/$/€0 indicates no table limit.

Top High Limit Craps Casino

Pinnacle CasinoPinnacle comes out on top for high limit Craps games online with a maximum bet of $2,000. The fact that the software is sleek to boot makes it a pretty easy decision for any high roller Craps player.

Casino ClubCasino Club comes in second with a respectable €1,000 maximum bet. However, the amount you can bet on higher payout bets such as proposition bets is greatly reduced to between €250 and €60.

This slight alteration to the limits at Casino Club secures Pinnacle as the top high limit Craps casino online.

Top US Friendly Craps Casino

Millionaire CasinoThe US friendly high limit Casinos hold their own pretty well when it comes to Craps, as the Millionaire Casino offers $1,000 per bet. This makes it my preferred choice for high stakes Craps action, even with the $5,000 cap.

BodogThe alternative to Millionaire Casino is Bodog, which is also the top overall high limit US friendly casino. The maximum bet on offer for Craps however if is fraction of that of Millionaire's.

If you want to wager more than $500 per bet in Craps, Millionaire is the Casino for you. Alternatively, if you are happy with smaller bets I would recommend Bodog.

Craps Casino Table Graphics

In online Craps, it's always nice to have a good life-like design and graphics whilst you play. I feel that the games have that little "extra" edge when it comes to entertainment if the roll of the dice looks convincing and the table is realistic.

So, irrespective of the high limits on offer, this is how I would rank the top 5 Craps casinos in terms of table graphics and entertainment:

  1. Casino Club
  2. Bodog
  3. Millionaire
  4. Pinnacle

This is all based on personal preference of course, but if you're not too bothered about going for the absolute highest limits possible, it will be worth checking out Casino Club (or Bodog if you're from the US).

Also, this isn't to say that the Pinnacle or Millionaire Craps tables are bad in any way, far from it. Just that the a few others feel a little more realistic whilst you play.

High Limit Craps Tips

Craps is a little more complex than high limit Blackjack and high limit Baccarat, which is why it is harder to pick up for newer players. On the other hand, this can make it more entertaining for the experienced players looking for some solid casino action.

Nonetheless, it is important that you are familiar with the various bets and their respective house edge. Not only will a clear understanding give you a better shot at winning money, but also make the game more enjoyable.

The lowest house edge for certain Craps bets is 1.4%, which sets it behind high limit Blackjack and Baccarat in terms of Casino games with the lowest house edge. Have a look at the Craps house edge page, or check out the following links for further information.

Other High Stakes Craps Information

I would also just like to again highlight how having a good understanding of how the game of Craps works is going to help you keep on top of the money being wagered. It is always much better if you have a clear idea of what is going on, especially if you are playing at the high limit tables.

So play at whichever Craps Casino you enjoy the most and offers the right limits for you and you can't go too far wrong. Best of luck.