High Limit Sportsbooks

High Limit Online SportsbooksAlthough this site mainly focuses on high limit Casinos, many online gamblers will enjoy playing in both the Casino and placing wagers at online Sportsbooks.

Below you will find information on the top high limit Sportsbooks that accept large bets and wagers from their customers.

Top High Stakes Online Sportsbook

PinnacleSportsThe top Sportsbook for players looking to place big bets is easily Pinnacle.

It's no surprise to find that the top high limit Casino also turns out to offer the top Sportsbook for high stakes wagers. Across the different sports betting options, you are not going to be able to find safer and higher limits anywhere else.

Pinnacle started life as a Sportsbook, then later went on to create a top notch Casino. Pinnacle is an incredibly well-established company, which makes it an easy choice for any high limit player.

Visit the Pinnacle website

US Friendly High Limit Sportsbook

BodogAs a player from the US, your options for high stakes Sportsbooks is going to be limited, just like it is with Casinos. However, if you want the highest and safest betting limits for a US friendly Sportsbook, I recommend Bodog.

Just like Pinnacle, Bodog is a reputable company that offers both a Casino and Sportsbook (Poker room too) to its players.

Even though the betting limits on the sports is lower than that of Pinnacle's and other non-US Sportsbooks, this is the best option for a reliable high limit Sportsbook for US players.

Visit the Bodog website

Other Sportsbooks Accepting High Stakes Bets

Other recommended high limit online Sportsbooks are:

If you're from the UK, you are going to recognize the Ladbrokes name. So if you're from England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, this may well be the preferred option for you. It's also a great option if you're looking for large debit/credit card payments.

VC Bet is great for betting large amounts of money on Sports online, but I would rate it just behind Pinnacle and Ladbrokes.

At the end of the day though, these 4 Sportsbooks are very reputable and you wouldn't go wrong by signing up with any of them. Just go for the one you prefer.

Sportsbooks Accepting Large Bets

You may have noticed that these 4 recommended high limit Sportsbooks are actually listed on this site for also offering top high limit Casino games too.

Many online gambling companies offer more than just a Casino or Sportsbook on there own, so they will often offer both (or more, like Poker and Bingo). As you would expect, if they offer high limit action in the Casino, they are going to offer it in the Sportsbook as well.

Furthermore, having an account at these sites can prove to be very handy, because you can use your one account to place wagers in both the Sportsbook and Casino without having to move your money to a different site.