High Limit Online Baccarat

High Limit BaccaratBaccarat is the least popular game out of the "big 4" high limit casino games of; Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat.

Nonetheless, there is still a demand for high limit Baccarat games, which is why you will often find that the Baccarat tables have larger maximum bet limits than a number of other table games.

Below is a listing of the top high limit Baccarat casinos with details on the maximum bet per hand at each individual casino.

High Limit Baccarat Casinos

Casino Max Bet Rating Play
Pinnacle $5,000 95% Visit
Casino Club €1,000 87% Visit
Unibet €1,000 81% Visit
Betsafe €1,000 78% Visit
Ladbrokes £500 85% Visit
InterCasino $500 78% Visit
Paddy Power £300 81% Visit
VC Casino £250 96% Visit
Bodog $250 80% Visit
Rushmore $250 80% Visit
Sky Vegas £200 90% Visit

Max. Bet: This is the maximum bet that can be placed at the highest limit blackjack table per hand.

Software: This rating out of 10 is a quick indication of how easy the software is to use, as well as how smoothly the game runs and plays. The higher the rating, the better the software.

Top High Limit Baccarat Casino

Pinnacle CasinoPinnacle is easily the best casino for high limit Baccarat. The Pinnacle Casino has great software and offers the highest Baccarat table limits by far.

Ladbrokes CasinoIf you're from the UK you may want to try out the Ladbrokes Casino if you do not intend on betting anything higher than £2,000 per hand.

You may feel a little more comfortable playing in Pounds as opposed to Dollars, and there is also the ability to make offline withdrawals.

US Friendly Baccarat High Limit Casino

Millionaire CasinoMillionaire is the best option for high limit Baccarat if you are from the US. The software is solid and the Casino offers the highest table limits for Baccarat for a US friendly Casino.

BodogBodog is another perfectly good US friendly option for high stakes Baccarat. The software is slightly better at Bodog, but the stakes are just not as high.

High Limit Baccarat Tips

At the Baccarat table, you have the option of betting on the player's hand, the bankers hand and on "tie". Betting on the bankers hand is the best option, as it is the bet that gives the casino the lowest house edge.

Therefore the best option is to bet on the Banker's hand, and avoid betting on "tie" at all costs. The house edge is not as low as in high limit Blackjack, but it is the second best high limit casino game in terms of lowest house edge.

For further information, have a look at the page on Baccarat house edge. Alternatively, here another useful link:

High Stakes Baccarat Information

Baccarat is a pretty straight forward game, so there is not too much extra information I can give on the high limit online Baccarat games. It's also a lot like Caribbean Stud in that you'll usually find it in the casino, but it's far from ever being the busiest game in town.

However, the fact that there are no variants to the game means that you should for the casino that you enjoy playing Baccarat at the most (whilst offering high enough limits for you).

I find the software at Pinnacle and Ladbrokes is incredibly fluid, which makes the Baccarat games a pleasure to play. You can always try each Casino out for yourself to find which you prefer the most, but if you'd just like to get down to it then try any of the recommeded Casinos above.