US Friendly High Limit Casinos

Test the Bodog games for free before signing up to play for real.

US Accepting High Limit CasinosThe following are the top two US friendly Casinos for high limit games.

Bodog is the #1 option for US high stakes players, offering higher limits than many other US Casinos. Millionaire comes in a close second, although it does offer larger betting limits on its Craps and Baccarat tables.

Unfortunately, there isn't a wealth of high limit Casinos that currently accept US players. Nonetheless, Bodog and Millionaire Casino are two perfect options if you're looking to wager a little more than your average casino enthusiast.

High Stakes US Casinos Table

Casino BJ Roulette Craps Baccarat Rating Play
Bodog $500 $500 $100 $250 80% Visit
Rushmore $250 $250 $100 $250 80% Visit

* (Bodog Roulette) This is the total maximum outside bet. After reaching this limit, no more bets can be placed on the outside. However, you can still place further inside bets.

Which US Casino Should You Choose?

BodogI rate Bodog as the top US friendly high limit Casino due to its higher limit Blackjack and Roulette tables.

The software is also a lot smoother when playing both online and offline, which makes the whole experience very enjoyable and entertaining.

Millionaire is another great option, especially if you want to play for higher limits than Bodog in the Craps and Baccarat games. Both Casinos have great banking systems too, so there are no issues with deposits or withdrawals with either.

Again, both US friendly high limit Casinos are great, but the one you go for entirely depends on what games you are looking to play. Bodog is top for overall high limit experience in my opinion.

Are US Casinos Legal?

Note: I am not a legal authority when it comes to online gambling. The information below is based on my knowledge of online casino legality.

Yes, it is legal to play online Casino games for real money in the US.

Online gambling expert Professor I. Nelson Rose has stated that online gambling is perfectly legal for US citizens. - “no United States federal statute or regulation explicitly prohibits online gambling, either domestically or abroad.”

I have never heard of any US citizen being prosecuted for gambling at an online Casino, so there is no need to be concerned about gambling online from the US.

Why Are There Fewer US Casinos?

After the UIGEA, a number of online Casinos found it difficult to effectively process payments to their customers. Therefore to avoid further problems, they stopped accepting US players and moved their focus elsewhere.

Nonetheless, there are a still a number of upstanding Casinos that can offer fast and safe withdrawals to their players. Bodog and Millionaire are two shining examples of such Casinos that also offer high limit games.

Any Other Information?

That's about it. Online gambling is a bit of a grey area for some, so hopefully this article helped to make things a little clearer.

If there was any concrete evidence to show that online Casinos are illegal for US players, then you can be sure that none of the above Casinos would be happy to accept US customers.

So anyway, enjoy the high stakes on offer and make the most of the US friendly Casinos.