High Limit Online Casinos

High LimitHigh Limit Casinos dot org is a handy little site that aims to help you find the top high stakes online casinos. You can use this site to find information on:

Use the links on the left to help you find exactly what you are looking for, or take my word for it and go for my recommended top high limit casino. Enjoy the site.

High Limit Casino Games (Max Bets)

Casino BJ Roulette Craps Baccarat Rating Play
VC Casino £2,500 £5,000 £500 £250 96% Visit
Pinnacle $10,000 $5,000 $2,000 $5,000 95% Visit
Sky Vegas £30,000 £5,000 £1,000 £200 90% Visit
Casino Club €1,000 €5,000 €1,000 €1,000 87% Visit
Ladbrokes £5,000 £1,000 £100 £500 85% Visit
Unibet €3,000 €5,000 €100 €1,000 81% Visit
Paddy Power £300 £400 £250 £300 81% Visit
Bodog $500 $500 $100 $250 80% Visit
Rushmore $250 $250 $100 $250 80% Visit
InterCasino $5,000 $10,000 $500 $500 78% Visit
Betsafe €500 €2,000 No Limit €1,000 78% Visit

Roulette Note: The amounts listed in the Roulette column show the maximum possible evens bet. The Roulette limits and rules vary from one casino to another, so you are better off looking at the high limit Roulette page for detailed information.

Craps Note: The amounts listed in the Craps column show the maximum value per individual bet where possible. Again, you can find detailed information on the high limit Craps page.

US high stakes casino players choose Bodog.

Top High Limit Casino

Pinnacle CasinoAfter carefully reviewing and playing at a number of high limit casinos, I have concluded that Pinnacle is the top overall casino for high rollers. This takes into account the:

This will of course not be everyone's favourite, depending on which games you prefer to play, but in general this is a top casino for action at the highest limits.

BodogIf you are from the US, you are unfortunately not going to be able to play at Pinnacle. However, Bodog is the best US high limit casino for all of the reasons mentioned above.

Casino Game Limits

If you are looking for specific high limit casino games, use the links in the navigation on the left to find the top casinos depending on which game you are looking to play.

The table above is useful for helping you get an idea of the different games and the biggest limits available at each casino, so use the information from that and go from there.

It is typical for the popular table games of Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat to have the highest stakes and limits, and they are also the most popular amongst high rollers. This is why I currently only have detailed information on these casino games for such players.

High Stakes Casino Information

If you find a casino that looks like it offers the high stakes games that you are after, you can find out more information on this room by having a look at that particular casino's review on this site.

Make sure that you take into account whether the casino accepts US players (If you're from the US of course) and if they have the deposit and withdrawal options that you would like to use.

Here are a few links of general interest for high limit casino players.

Stay Safe

Don't forget that regardless of the limits or stakes you are playing at, gambling is meant to be enjoyable. If you enjoy playing the high stakes games, then that's no problem at all. Just make sure that you are never playing with more money than you can afford to lose - it just isn't any fun that way.

Best of luck at the casino and whichever games you decide to play (I'm a Blackjack and Roulette man myself), and take care of yourself and your money.