High Limit Poker Rooms

High Limit PokerThe game of poker is a separate entity to your standard Casino game, because in poker you are playing to win money from other players and not from the house.

The better you get, the more money you can win, and the more money you can play for. So naturally, there are a handful of high limit poker rooms available to accommodate the highest stakes players.

The handy table below gives a shortlist of the top high limit poker rooms, along with information on the highest stakes blind levels and maximum tournament buy-in levels available.

Compare High Limit Poker Rooms

Room NL Limit SNG Rating
Full Tilt $500/$1,000 $2,000/$4,000 $5,500 9/10
PokerStars $200/$400 $1,000/$2,000 $5,000 9/10
Titan Poker $100/$200 $300/$600 $5,000 8/10
Party Poker $25/$50 $250/$500 $5,000 8/10
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NL: These are the maximum blinds for no limit Texas Hold'em cash games.

Limit: These are the maximum blinds for limit Texas Hold'em cash games.

SNG: This is the maximum buy-in for Sit and Go poker tournaments. This does not include the buy-in fee, which is typically around 10% of the buy-in.

Top High Limit Poker Room

Full Tilt PokerFull Tilt Poker comes out on top for everything high limit, so it's safely at the top of the list for high limit online poker rooms. Full Tilt is also home to the majority of professional high limit poker players.

PokerStarsPokerStars is actually the most popular online poker room, but it comes in second for when it comes down to high limit tables and players. You can still find a solid amount of high stakes games, but not as much as you will find at Full Tilt.

US Friendly High Limit Poker Rooms

The two top high limit poker rooms above both accept US players, which makes your decision about which room to choose pretty straightforward if you're from the US.

Many high limit poker players are from the US, so poker rooms that accept US players are more than happy to accommodate for the stakes that they wish to play at.

High Limit Player Traffic

Even though high limit poker tables listed are on offer at these poker rooms, the majority of the time they are not in use, as there is not an abundance of high stakes players around to occupy them.

However, the limits and stakes just below the uppermost limits will normally see a fair amount of action, so there is always the opportunity to view or get involved with very high limit poker games at the rooms listed above.

Tips For High Limit Poker

Unlike the majority of Casino games, poker incorporates an important element of skill. The fact that you have control over betting, checking, raising and folding means that you cannot rely solely on luck or good fortune to help see you through the games.

Therefore, whereas in Casino games you are expected to always lose money over the long run, in poker it is perfectly possible to win money on a regular basis. This is one of the biggest attractions for most players to the game of poker.

However, the ability to win money at poker does not come overnight, as it requires a fair amount of practice and knowledge of good poker strategy. I would highly recommend that you try you best to develop a winning strategy as best as you can, especially if you decide to play high limit online poker.

To help you find your feet, here are a few useful strategy-related poker articles.

High Stakes Poker Information

High stakes poker is always going to draw the attention of all types of poker player. The amount of money that can be exchanged in one pot alone at the highest stakes is often more than what many people will earn it in a year. So it's no surprise that so many people are curious about high limit poker action.

For more information on high limit poker games and players, you should check out highstakesdb.com. This site has very interesting and up-to-date information on the biggest wins and losses across the online poker world, so it's worth a look if you have a free 5 minutes.