Online Casino Currency Information

Casino CurrenciesYou may have noticed that the tables comparing the different limits for casino games contains more than one currency. This is because some casinos will offer play in Dollars, Euros, Pounds or sometimes all three.

Now you might be asking yourself a few questions...

If you're not familiar with online casinos and/or exchange rates, this is to be expected. This article should help to answer such casino currency questions for you.

Bodog has higher limits than any other US casino.

Can I Play At Casinos Offering Different Currencies?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to play at a Casino if the currency that you will be depositing and withdrawing in is different to that of the in-game currency.

For example, if you use Euros in every day life, there is no problem at all in playing at a Casino that offers play in Dollars or Pounds (and vice versa).

Every time you make a deposit or withdrawal, your money automatically gets converted into the currency in use at the Casino. It's really simple and straightforward, and it requires no effort on your part.

Do Most People Play In A Different Currency?

It's completely up to you. If you want to stick with Pounds, then go for a Casino like Ladbrokes. If you prefer Euros, then go for Casino Club. It honestly does not matter.

I am from the UK, and I have played in Dollars and Euros (as well as Pounds of course) very comfortably. There have never been any issues with deposits and withdrawals, and the only difference is getting used to the currency you are playing in.

Aside from that, just go for the Casino you prefer the most and do not let the currency concern you. There should be nothing preventing you from playing at a top high limit Casino like Pinnacle.

Basic Currency Information

As I'm sure you're aware, an amount of money in one currency is going to be worth more than the same amount in a different currency. For example, £100 is worth more than $100.

The conversion rates between each currency are constantly moving up and down depending on the state of the economy (you will have to look into this for more information), but generally speaking the order of strength of each currency is as follows:

  1. £ GBP
  2. € EUR
  3. $ USD

This means that if we had 100 of each currency, £ GBP would be the most valuable, followed by € EUR and then $ USD.

Online Casino Currency Exchange Rates

When you make a deposit at a Casino, your currency will automatically be converted to the currency used by the Casino. However, if both currencies are the same, the deposit amount will of course remain exactly the same.

Online Casinos will convert your money according to the conversion rate at the time of deposit or withdrawal. This currency calculator is perfect for finding out how your currency converts into another.

I would highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the values of different currencies so that you are completely comfortable with the currency you are betting with (if it is different from what you are used to).

Casino Currency Table

Casino $ USD £GBP €EUR Review
Pinnacle Yes No No Review
VC Casino No Yes No Review
Ladbrokes No Yes No Review
Bodog Yes No No Review
InterCasino Yes No No Review
Casino Club No No Yes Review
Millionaire Yes No No Review
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Note: The above Casinos accept all different currencies for deposit and withdrawal (unless it's a particularly obscure one). The table simply highlights whether or not the Casino offers actual game play in the currencies mentioned.

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