Roulette House Edge

Lowest House EdgeIn European Roulette the house edge for any bet on the table is 2.7%, regardless of whether or are betting on an individual number, an evens bet or anything in between.

Furthermore, if you place two bets on one spin, that does not mean that the house edge is 5.4% (2.7% + 2.7%), as the house edge from one spin to another is exactly the same.

Roulette is the game that gives the biggest edge to the house out of the main games listed on this site at high limit Casinos.

Reduce The Roulette House Edge

First of all, there are two popular versions of Roulette; European and American.

European has the lone green "0" number, whereas American Roulette has the "0" and an additional "00". The payouts for both tables are exactly the same, which means that there is less chance of you hitting your numbers, and so you are giving a bigger 5.26% edge to the house in American Roulette.

American and European Roulette

So, if you have the choice between American and European Roulette, go for European. There is also the French Roulette version, which is the same as European with a different table layout - that's perfectly fine too. Either way, go for the table with the singular "0" only.

It also does not make a difference where you bet, so just choose the best table and bet however you like.

Roulette Strategy Tips

In Roulette, there is no strategy or betting tips to reduce the Roulette house edge or help you win more money. You can bet anywhere you like and however much you want... the odds will stay stay the same*.

However, a good money saving tip would be to not buy any Roulette strategy eBooks or anything like that. The only people that make money from those are the people selling them.

*This is unless you are placing a five-number bet in American Roulette, where the house edge actually increases. But you shouldn't be playing American Roulette anyway.

En Prison Rule

There is an addition rule known as the "En Prison" rule that is offered at some Casinos. With this rule in place, half of the money lost on outside even bets will remain on the table if the ball lands on the "0" for the next spin. Therefore you have an added 50% chance of winning your bet back.

This is also a very similar rule known as the "La Partage" rule, which gives you half of your bet back instead of having to leave it on the table for the next spin.

Both of these rules bring the house edge right down to 1.35% on European tables, so it is worth playing at tables that have this rule. However, I am not aware of any online Casinos currently offering either of these on their Roulette tables.

Roulette Games House Edge

The table below highlights the house edge in each of the Roulette variants.

Roulette Table House Edge
American 5.26%
European 2.7%
French 2.7%
European/French with En Prison 1.35%

So stick with European or French Roulette, and take advantage of the En Prison tables if they are on offer.

The top high limit Roulette Casino from my experience is VC Casino, very closely followed by Casino Club. These two sites offer the highest limits for online Roulette by quite some margin.